You’re selling .id, but why do you use .com for your own website?

Because we’re targeting international buyers, we want to have both English and Indonesian in our domain name.

We initially wanted to use every.id (“every” is English and “.id” is Indonesian) but that name is too premium for us to use.

What does “punya nama” mean?

Punya = owning, Nama = name. We own (good) names. “Punya nama” is also an idiom for “well known”.

You don’t have the name I want.

Worry not, we’re also a reseller for .id! Check your desired .id here, and if the name is not taken, you can register through us for $25 per year.

The process is still manual (why do you think GoDaddy, Namecheap and other big registrars don’t support .id yet?), but after we accept your payment (through PayPal), you can have the domain within an hour or two.

You will also get a control panel where you can set the NS, so you can use more sophisticated control panel from other registrar (we use Namecheap) to set your DNS configuration. We will guide you throughout the process.

I still have questions.

Feel free to contact us at hello@punyanama.com.